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Babydolls are short, nightgown style piece of lingerie often embellished with lace trims, bows, and other applique details. They can be solid colored or mesh and usually have a loose fitting skirt falling to upper thighs.

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LXND's Commentary on Babydoll Lingerie

A babydoll is, most of the time, a piece of underwear people tend to imagine when we talk about sexy lingerie. This staple piece can be seen in many movies, music videos, and even commercials. The flowing lace reveals racy details and invites curious minds to take a peek underneath. But, what exactly is a babydoll?

Babydolls are quite short garments, usually without any sleeves, and they are intended to be used as nightwear. Sometimes babydolls will have bralettes, meaning that you won’t have to wear bras underneath them. Furthermore, they can have no cups at all, just spaghetti straps and a curtain of flowing fabric covering the rest of your torso. Their design has changed a lot throughout time, and today we even have babydoll dresses, but they are not to be confused with the babydolls we are talking about today.

The name baby doll is peculiar as well. It originates from the 1956 movie called, you guessed it, Baby Doll. In the movie, we can see a 19-year-old Carroll Baker acting as a nymphet, decorated with the iconic piece of nightwear. This movie heralded the era of baby dolls, and ever since then, their popularity exploded and their style changed from year to year. Even grunge performers of the 90s wore these pieces as a part of their everyday style, giving rise to their popularity even more. Now let’s take a look at what the babydoll world has to offer!

Types of Babydolls

The standard babydoll is what most people are familiar with. They have spaghetti straps, a bralette holding the girls in, and usually a sheer curtain that gently covers the torso. Some of the baby dolls cover intimate areas, while others leave them exposed, which is why they are sold with matching panties. No one said you have to wear those panties though! Tease your partner by leaving the sexy piece on, and let your most treasured areas peek from underneath, inviting them to take a closer look.

Cupless babydolls leave your bosom completely exposed. This is the most inviting baby doll out there, and if you want to jumpstart the passion in your bedroom, we can’t recommend this piece enough. Thin straps envelop the shoulders and your breasts, making them shapely and plump. The straps accentuate your curves, and no one will be able to resist the inviting look of this garment. A strap holds the racy yet innocent sheer fabric, creating a stark contrast with the bare breasts. Crotchless panties are the cherry on top, which is why they are usually included with these baby dolls, along with garters!

Babydolls with a deep plunge are arguably the most alluring pieces. These babydolls have thick, lacy straps which create a sharp downturn towards the belly. This way, some of the breasts are exposed, along with the torso, slimming the waist down and highlighting the rest of your curves.

Some babydolls do not have a complete section underneath the bralettes. Instead, the piece is separated into two, creating a curtain effect that hides the waist and exposes the soft skin of your abdomen. Tickle your partner's imagination and achieve innocence at the same time with this beautiful style!

Babydoll materials

Mesh is what comes to mind first when we think of babydolls. This material creates a beautiful sheer effect that simultaneously reveals and hides the body. Most racy baby dolls are made out of mesh, as the material offers a lot of room for creativity. Be warned though - mesh is often scratchy, and you won’t be able to wear it for bedroom activities if chafing or sensitive skin are an issue!

Lace creates pure, angelic baby dolls,m decorated with flowers and intricate patterns. If you still want to keep a piece of modesty to yourself, lace is the right choice for you.

Satin is opaque, so your partner won’t be able to see anything underneath the garment - instead, he will have to open you up like a present! Silk is similar to satin, although it can create a more sheer look.

Finally, most babydolls are a combination of these materials. You can find mesh garments with satin bows and lace details. Some babydolls have feathers, fur, and even small crystals to emphasize their appeal.

How to wear baby dolls

The most obvious answer is to wear it in your bedroom, but what happens if you want to wear it every day? Thankfully, there are easy ways you can combine your daily look with baby dolls.

Our first tip is styling the baby doll with a pair of jeans. Choose skinny pants and simply tuck the baby doll in them. Remember to go for styles that are not very revealing if you want to remain classy. However, no one is stopping you from revealing some skin if you desire to do so!

Improve this combo by adding a leather jacket on top of it. The leather is a stark contrast to the chaste look most baby dolls offer, and this combination is as eye-catching as they come!

A floral kimono will make the sheer fabric pop. Just make sure to go with a pattern that does not clash with your baby doll. The safest option is to choose a completely white or black piece and then updo it with your kimono!

Some baby dolls are gaining traction as bridal wear. They are more affordable than the standard bridal corset, plus there are more styles and colors to choose from!

Choosing the right baby doll

Babydolls flatter every body shape and size out there! There are ways to make them look even more flattering, so listen up closely!

If you are someone that is more on the slim side, choose a piece that has fewer details that pop. The intricate design will hide your body more and they will make you appear smaller, instead of accentuating your natural curves. If your chest is a smaller size, go for baby dolls that have a bralette to make the girls look fuller. Baby dolls that have a bathrobe appearance will work wonders with your shape, as they will reveal your slim abdomen and tiny waist, highlighting all the right areas.

For our curvier divas, styles with a lot of details will work wonders. Placed on all the right spots, they will hide what you don’t like about your body while showing off all the areas that make a girl what she is. Cupless baby dolls are a great choice if you have a bosom to show off!

Mind the length of the baby doll as well. Longer baby dolls will make the legs appear shorter, so if you’re a petite lady go for shorter baby dolls, and if you’re tall, choose longer styles!

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