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LXND's Commentary on Sexy Bodystockings

We've all heard of stockings - sheer, gorgeous socks that envelop the legs, giving them a sultry and fun appearance. But sexy bodystockings are different dimension of sexy, hugging your whole figure, hiding the bumps and lumps while igniting the curious mind. Bodystockings, unlike regular stockings, cover the entire body, sometimes even covering the arms. These sultry and sexy pieces are made to be revealing, although if you're feeling modest, there are pieces that leave something for the imagination as well. If you wish to highlight every desirable feature you have, then bodystockings are a must-have!

The very first bodystocking was not a piece of lingerie - instead, it was worn on the theatre stage, meant to give the appearance of being naked without unveiling the body. The very first prudish audience to see such a piece caused an uproar when an actress revealed herself on the stage - luckily, she was wearing a modest version of the garment. Imagine the uproar she could have caused if fishnets or crotchless bodystockings were in style! And we have that actress to thank for what we have today, although the chaste versions of yesteryear are nothing compared to the promiscuous pieces seen nowadays!

Types of Bodystockings

Let's first cover the types of sexy bodystockings you can find today. Although their style is ever-evolving, there are some staples that you can always lean on.

The fishnet seems to be a fan-favorite, and it's easy to understand why. This piece can cover only the legs and the torso, or it can even hug the arms and neck, although the lack of seams around these areas might be troublesome, as the thin threads can dig into your delicate skin. The threads join together in single points to form sensual diamond patterns, which can vary in size. Some fishnets have small diamonds all over their lengths, while bigger diamonds expose areas that are meant to be observed.

For the cold, winter nights, you can always go with the turtleneck, also called the full body. Just like the name suggests, the turtleneck wraps around your whole body, ending just under your jaw. If you never had a chance to wear bodystockings before, and you don't want to start with the animalistic fishnets or sleek catsuits, the turtleneck might be a good starting point. Believe us when we say that you will warm up to the idea of baring more flesh as soons as you witness their magnetic appeal!

The catsuit is probably what you think of when bondage and other adventurous fetishes are mentioned. Usually made out of latex, these lustrous bodystockings cover the entire body, fashioning a zipper on the front which can reveal more skin if you desire to tease your audience. Do not confuse the catsuit with unitards or scuba gear! Although they are similar in appearance, the athletic gear is used for sports, while the catsuit is only limited by your imagination.

And, of course, the queen of them all - the crotchless bodystocking. The crotchless bodystocking allows you to wear voluptuous lingerie underneath them, to show off your body and curves, or you can ditch the whole idea of underpants altogether and opt for a more adventurous style. After all, where's the fun in wearing a piece that is meant to make you feel like a sex godess, only to have to take it off once the fun begins? The cupless bodystocking is very similar to the crotchless variety, but instead of showing off the rear, the cupless bodystocking allows you to reveal your bosom in all of its glory! The combo of these two varieties is the ultimate chice if you wish to give your beloved a heart attack before you even get down to business!

Floral and lace bodystockings evoke grace and elegance. If you wish to hold onto some amount of purity while wearing these provocative garments, then go for lace and floral patterns. We're not saying that lace is not sexy, but it definitely looks more innocent compared to latex and fishnets!

And finally, you can find a combination of everything we just mentioned with ease. If you wish to wear crotchless fishnets, they are just a click away! A sensual, full body floral bodystocking can also have a curious hole, while some bodystockings have cutouts which resemble strappy stockings and alluring garters.

Bodystockings By Material

The material choice can transform a simple sexy bodystocking into the most enticing piece of clothing you can wear. The materials make the bodystockings either sheer or opaque. The opaque piece is meant to cover the whole body, leaving a lot to imagine. The very first actress which dared to wear bodystockings, the one mentioned above, had an opaque piece, shielding all of her areas of interest from the inquisitive eye. On the other hand, sheer pieces are for more daring women that are not afraid to show a little (or a lot) of skin! Let your confidence shine through these sensual pieces, as their body-shaping abilities transform you into a lascivious goddess!

Sexy bodystockings are usually made out of nylon or latex, as they are very stretchy, accommodating bodies of all shapes and sizes. They can have a lot of intricate patterns and prints, some evoking beauty and grace, while others accentuate fun and adventure. Know that lace is not meant to expand, which is why you usually don't see lace on areas that are prone to stretching out, like the hips or breasts. The fishnet variety allows you to move unrestricted by its borders, but this type might not have the body shaping properties nylon or latex body stockings have. However, latex and PVC do look insanely alluring, but they lack breathability, which makes them good for short adventures, some that will not include leaving the bedroom.

How to style Bodystockings

Bodystockings are best used in the bedroom, but that's not the only place you can show them off! Nowadays, more and more celebrities are daring to show up in nothing but bodystockings, and styling this garment with other clothing is rapidly becoming a staple! We couldn't be any happier about that, as we believe every woman should have at least one bodystocking hiding in her closet.

With that being said, how does one exactly combine bodystockings with outdoor events? The eye-catching bodystocking can easily accentuate your figure while delicately shielding your sensitive areas, which makes it acceptable for outside of the bedroom. Bodystocking with bling is what we see commonly in the great outdoors, or bodystockings with thicker patterns meant to attract the eye and envelop the figure. Full shoulder bodystockings work just like regular shirts do, and you can easily combine them with jeans, skirts, and warm tops, allowing your figure to shine. The long sleeve bodystocking is ideal if you want to look more uniform, while open-shoulder varieties allow you to show even more skin.

Tips and tricks for your Bodystockings

When choosing the correct bodystocking style, you need to consider your body type. Are you athletic, or curvy? Are there any areas you need to mask or slim down, or do you need the bodystocking to give the illusion of having a fuller figure?

These are all things you have to consider before buying, because not every style will work for you. You need to look at the neck area first. The turtleneck variety is ideal for women with smaller bosoms, as the material can lift the girls up and make them more visible. The halterneck style allows you to show off your cleavage, and they usually have some added bling. Some give off the illusion of having garters and straps, making the whole piece even more attractive. The design around the neck can feature intricate patterns and gleaming stones, so if you have a cleavage you can confidently show off, then these styles are just what you need. The cami-top variety is ideal for slim, athletic women who wish to show off their midriff, revealing the sensual waist and erotic hips.

Your height and weight is also something you need to consider. If you're on the smaller side, avoid the bodystocking that cuts off at the ankles, as it will make you appear even shorter. Sheer stockings are harder to fit into, so if you are curvier, go for fishnets, as they leave you with more room to stretch. If you really want a sheer piece, then go a size up! Slim, thin lines look better on petite divas, while bold lines accentuate the bodies of curvy superstars!

And finally, consider the color you're going for. Neon colors and zebra prints are fun, but the color scheme might throw off your whole look, or it can make you look wider than you are. Darker colors are better suited for bigger girls, while lighter colors and crazy patterns work better with slimmer bodies!

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