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Bustiers are form-fitting type of lingerie designed to push up your bust and shape your waist. Sexy bustiers at Luxe Naked come with free shipping and free returns.

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LXND's Commentary on Sexy Bodystockings

When you first look at a bustier, you might feel confused - this piece looks just like a corset, so why the different name? Truth be told, a bustier and a corset have their set of differences. A corset goes over your breasts, and it uses a set of intricate laces and hoops to tighten your whole torso, sometimes even constricting your breathing, and that's something many people find a bit too claustrophobic.

On the other hand, bustiers are much more gentle towards your body. They look like a beautiful bra with material that stretches underneath it, acting as shapewear. A corset will reshape your body, while a bustier will just boost it. Also, a bustier will have a push-up bra effect, making it ideal for ladies with smaller breasts. A corset may squish the girls too much, causing them to spill over.

A basque can make things even more confusing - what's the difference between all of these styles? They all have slight differences, with bustiers being the garments that offer the most freedom. Basques extend all the way down to the hips, while bustiers generally reach the top of the waist, or they extend slightly underneath. A basque shapes the body, just like the corset, but instead of forcing your body into the hourglass shape, a basque simply follows the natural curve of your torso.

As you may have guessed, both basques and bustiers evolved from corsets. The word bustier has a French root, the word buste. They started showing up in the 1950s, and at first, they were called long line brassieres. After that, their styles and shapes gradually evolved, bringing us to the bustiers we know and love today!

Bustier styles

There's not a lot of bustier variety, but there are a few different bustier styles that you might want to become familiar with.

All bustiers have a built-in bra, as the main job of this garment is the push-up effect. The styles of these bras can vary. They can look just like a regular, run-of-the-mill push-up bra, with round caps and thin straps. Most bustiers nowadays are strapless, because we love to wear them underneath just about anything. Don't worry about the bustier slipping down - it has enough support underneath to keep it glued in place. Cupless bustiers do not exist, as that would defeat the purpose of the garment! There are bustiers with a deep, v-neck plunge. This style won't support the girls as much, but it will do a very good job at revealing them and most of your torso if that's your desired effect. On the other hand, if you really like the way straps look on your body, you can find bustiers with plenty of both spaghetti and thick straps. Some straps form intricate shapes over your breasts, enhancing their curves and inviting the curious eye to take a peek!

One more difference between bustiers is their length. Although most of them do not go over your waist, there are styles that reach all the way down to your hips, almost like a corset. The styles that reach the hips are usually frilly, widening your hips, and enhancing your figure. If they are not frilly, they have a few points that taper down, and that's where you can attach garters for a super sexy look. Shorter bustiers reveal the hips and a portion of the waist, but they too have a designated spot for garter belts, so if you're into the strappy look, a bustier will make you happy!

Types of bustier materials

As with all lingerie, most bustiers are made out of mesh or nylon. Mesh creates a gorgeous transparent effect that is both modest and very revealing. This material does a good job of lightly shaping the body. Mesh bustiers are adorned with intricate patterns and gorgeous details that make them stand out. The material can form both smaller and larger cut-outs, achieving the fishnet look. You can usually see bows and straps combined with this material.

Lace bustiers are super popular, as they look pure, and they can be combined with everyday styles. Lace creates beautiful flower and leaf shapes that can cover up some parts you wish to remain hidden. These patterns can also enhance your figure, as they can follow the natural curve of your body.

Opaque bustiers are not so common, but this effect can be achieved with satin or lace. These bustiers are popular for everyday styles, as the more revealing type is reserved for bedroom activities. Satin bustiers shine like a diamond and create an otherworldly appearance, smoothing your body down.

Latex bustiers are very sexy, as is the usual case with everything latex. They most often have straps, bows, and hoops that tie in the back or in the front. Some latex bustiers even have zippers for easier access.

Finally, a combination of all these materials is what we see the most. Lace and mesh join together in an alluring marriage to equally reveal and mask your body. Opaque satin can hide your waist while transparent mesh or nylon reveals your abdomen.

Styling bustiers with everyday use

The best part about bustiers is that you can wear them pretty much anywhere you want! Bedazzled and strappy bustiers are ideal for everyday use.

If you really want to make your bustier pop, wear it with a simple necklace. Bustiers are very revealing, and a necklace can complete that look. Remember to go simple - a tacky necklace will distract from the beauty of lace and mesh.

A bustier goes great with oversized skirts or pants. The flowing fabric starkly contrasts the tightness of the bustier, greatly enhancing your figure. Great strong pants go along well with bustiers. Don't worry about wearing a jacket - go without any kind of top and show your bustier in all of its glory!

One more great combo is your bustier and a sheer blouse. If you're not ready to show off your lingerie to the world, you can wear a blouse on top to achieve a layering effect. Don't wear clashing patterns, as it can make you look tacky.

How to choose a bustier

The best thing about bustiers is that they can fit every body shape and size. There are hundreds of different styles out there today, and choosing the right one may prove to be difficult.

First, look for a color that complements your skin tone well. Beige hues may not suit pale skin well, but black and loud colors will perfectly clash with milky skin. On the other hand, darker skin goes great with lighter shades. Yet, don't be afraid to experiment! Go wild, and discover that one hue that fits you the best!

Choosing the correct material is important as well. Latex is glamorous and arousing, and it will make just about anyone look exciting. Lace bustiers with plenty of details may completely hide your body if you're petite, and opaque bustiers can make you look wider than you are, so choose according to your size.

And finally, choose the correct cup size. This is arguably the most difficult part, as most people today have no idea what their bra size is! You can think you're a petite A cup, but upon getting measured or using a bra calculator, you can discover you're actually a D cup. If you choose a cup that is too small, you risk overspilling and tightness, but if the bra is too big, your chest will look hollow and the cups will dent, making you look silly.

All in all, choosing the right style shouldn't be too difficult. Remember that a bustier should enhance your figure, filling up your breasts and accentuating your curves!

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