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Sexy teddy collection at Luxe Naked. Lots of lingerie teddies to choose from with free shipping and free returns.

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LXND's Commentary on Sexy Teddies

You might easily confuse teddies, rompers and bodysuits. Although they do look very similar, their purpose varies greatly, as one is made to keep you warm, while the other is used to spice up things in the bedroom! Rompers, teddies and bodysuits cover the torso, and they snap over the crotch, or they connect together as one piece. They can look like a tank top or a turtleneck, depending on what you're looking for. Sexy teddies usually feature thin spaghetti straps and a more open form, revealing the midriff, breasts, or even the crotch!

It's even more confusing when different companies brand a garment as a romper, while a different company may call it a teddy or even a bodysuit! This chaos arises because newer brands feel the term teddy is outdated, so they choose to call it a different way. Rompers and bodysuits favor comfort and everyday styles, while teddies have a form-fitting arrangement with exciting lace and fishnet details that can easily excite even the lowest of libidos. No matter what they are branded as, remember to wear whatever makes you feel outstanding!

Types of Sexy Teddies

Sexy teddies have been around for more than a century, their roots beginning in the 1910s. As you may have already guessed., these teddies were very modest, and they were worn with a dress over them. Nevertheless, they paved the way for the teddies we love and wear today. This only shows that teddies are a timeless lingerie piece that will never go out of style, only changing its form to adapt to the needs and wants of the gorgeous women that dare to wear them.

High cut teddies have leg holes that rise all the way up to your hips. When you imagine ladies in the 80s working a sweat, you probably imagine shiny leggings with a high cut bodysuit over them, and that's exactly the shape a high cut teddy has! The edges of the teddy envelop the waist, accentuating the beautiful feminine form. The high cut teddy reveals enough skin to entice curious partners, yet it still covers enough of the torso to keep modest divas comfier. These teddies are flattering for all shapes and sizes, as their shape makes the waist appear smaller. The legs appear long and slender, and all the attention goes to the hips and backside. Both curvy and slim women can show off their form in these versatile garments!

Sleepwear teddies sort of defeat the actual purpose of the teddy. Most women will buy a teddy to feel provocative, but if you like to feel sexy even when the sandman comes around, then these teddies are just what you;rre looking for. Sleepwear teddies are designed to be comfier and less revealing than erotic teddies, featuring satin and slik fabrics that gently embrace the skin. They also have a loose fit that allows you to move around freely.

Garter teddies combine two classic styles into one dramatic piece. Garters seem to never go out of style, and even the smallest hint of a strap peeking underneath a skirt makes the whole audience giddy. So it only made sense to combine a teddy with garters to create the ultimate erotic piece. Garter teddies have a garter strap attached to the leg holes, and the strap is usually adjustable and removable. Some teddies come with thigh highs, while others leave it up to you to combine what you feel looks the best.

V teddies have a plunging neckline that reveals the soft skin of your bosom. The breathtaking neckline can even reach the belly button, giving the girls a chance to shine in full glory! The waist and stomach will appear slim, creating a scandalous look that will be remembered for ages to come.

Feeling festive? Christmas teddies are here to warm up the cold winter nights! These teddies can have satin bows and delicate, red lace patterns, or they can make you look like a racy Santa.

Thong teddies have all the hallmarks of a regular teddy, except the thong-cut bottom. A majority of teddies nowadays have thong bottoms, emphasizing both the breasts and the backside. Some thong teddies feature a myriad of straps and details that add more complexity to the look. These teddies are very versatile, and you can wear them all by themselves, or you can add even more lingerie to create a daring, promiscuous look that will leave your partner breathless!

Some teddies have a cupless, crotchless, or strappy design, and they are considered to be the queens of the seductive style. After all, why should you take something that makes you look like a million bucks once things start to get hot and heavy?

Materials for Sexy Teddies

The most popular teddie material is definitely mesh. Mesh creates a see-through teddie that still leaves something to the imagination! Mesh allows your honey to see your naked body while enjoying the sensual patterns it creates at the same time. Mesh teddies are modern and red hot, giving you the pleasure to feel like a sultry goddess. Mesh teddies do have their drawbacks though, as the material feels very scratchy, irritating sensitive skin and leaving painful imprints. If your skin is on the sensitive side, consider wearing something underneath the mesh teddy to protect your body!

Satin is also a fan-favorite. It's a soft, shiny material that gives your partner jolts of pleasure when he grabs your body. He won't be able to resist running his hands all over your satin-covered body! Satin can also look very pure and innocent, as it is opaque, covering some parts of your body while leaving some bare skin to spark fantasies.

Lace teddies are gorgeous pieces, with floral designs that highlight the best features of your body. Scalloped edgings keep the eyes focused on every important part, while the beautiful flowers wrap your body in grace. Lace teddies will put your form on full display, so if you feel like you lack the confidence to rock on of these babies, go for the satin or vintage styles, and we're sure you will warm up to the idea of baring your skin soon enough!

Styling Tips for Sexy Teddies

Although sexy teddies are usually reserved for the bedroom, no one is keeping you from wearing them outside! If you're feeling down and lacking self-confidence, you can hide your glamorous teddy underneath that oversized sweater and baggy jeans to get the extra kick you need. Of course, you can choose to wear just the teddy, pairing it with jeans or skirts, but if you're feeling modest, you can try wearing a bodysuit underneath to hide your delicate areas. Pair that with a denim jacket, an oversized scarf, or maybe a cute blazer, and you're good to go! You can throw a sheer blouse over the teddy to create a more opaque look - just remember to pair the materials and styles to avoid looking kitschy.

Every person deserves to feel empowered while wearing a sexy teddy, but we all have different bodies that need different styles to look their best. If you have a long, beautiful midriff, choose high cut teddies and open back teddies, to show off your elegant lines. A good pair of breasts should never be hidden, and if you've got one to be remembered, V teddies will allow you to give your beloved a display for all times. Curvier ladies should go for styles that slim the waist and emphasize the hips, so high cut teddies and even thong teddies are an excellent choice. If you feel like your hips are too wide, try finding a piece that has a lot of details around the neck and shoulders to make them visually wider! Garter belts can accentuate all kinds of legs, and no matter your body shape you can never go wrong with straps!

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